Who are Outible

More than a software house

We are a group of passionate forward-thinking individuals in the heart of Liverpool.

After working together as software development contractors in several companies across Merseyside Owen and David decided to form a new digital agency in Liverpool.

We did this because we believe we can create a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate and who go to work every day simply because they want to build the best software they can and learn the most they can.

We believe there is a better way to do software development, a more valuable, less invasive way where our clients are confident the work, we produce is clean, maintainable, and future proof from the day we onboard to the day we part ways, we are committed to these core values.

More than often, we see the same over-engineered convoluted systems and we have put an end to this trend for all our clients by producing the highest and simplest, structured quality of code, introducing proper Source Control and Git management, pull requests with code reviewing coupled with continuous integration and delivery.

This is what gives us the upper hand over other software companies from our developers and testers to the full administration team, each to their own has excellent individual knowledge in developing end to end business solutions.

As well as software development we also provide website development, 24/7 support, SEO, hosting services, and Dev/Ops.

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Our Awesome Team

Although we have a small team we are very experienced. We thrive together to produce enterprise-level software and support. We have all the roles covered for a full software development process. Our Development team have a varied skillset and are experts in numerous programming languages and development tools.

Who we've worked with: